Monday, March 19

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Toukolankatu, 11:55


I woke to the alarm and the feeling that I had to begin work again in a couple of hours. I had no problem with this, just a feeling that I would find it more pleasant reading and writing at a table in the sun than at a shared desk in an open-plan office. Ah well.

Most of the morning involved a series of small operations: answering emails, getting myself up to date with the grant application that Nathalie and I have to write, paying a Mastercard bill, dealing with the bureaucracy of the summer course, and so on. I get everything I need done in the time I have to do it.

At 11:50 Jutta appears and we decide to walk to the mall to buy food for lunch. We notice that snow had begun to fall and we walk through a thin and unconvincing snow shower to S-Market. The road proves very slippery so we decide to walk back the other way, past the three lions. As we approach Arcada I pause and take a photograph of nothing very much. The weather here looks like this, I think.

I will start the afternoon with an hour meeting with Jessica and Jolanda, who have begun work on a branding assignment. I will then spend three hours finishing the material for tomorrow’s class.

At 16:30 I will start a three hour Skype session with Scott Cunningham. We will get a long way and finally come to an understanding of what we intend doing and why we want to do it.