Thursday, March 22

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Lautasaari Church, 16:35


Irma and I had both taken the day off work, so we got up (slightly) later than usual. After a shower and breakfast we gathered some things together and left to collect Naa. We then headed to the flower shop in Kulosaari to collect several single flowers and arrangements.

At 11:30 we arrived in Kamppi to collect Irma’s mother and at 11:50 we all got out of the car at Lauttasaari Church. We all had tasks which took us to 12:30 when Ukki’s funeral began.

It ended when Jesper and I, Jens and Kim, and Arto and Olli carried the coffin out of the church to the hearse. A group followed us to sing the coffin in: a tradition from the part of Finland where Jussi grew up.

Irma’s father served as the priest at Lauttasaari Church for many years and the cake and coffee afterwards featured many long and interesting reminiscences from fellow priests and others who had known him. Maija, his eldest sister aged 95, spoke for about forty minutes and had all fifty guests crying with laughter.

Towards the end of the celebration I go and photograph the official painting of him that hangs on the wall of the church hall. Two others hang next to his: the three priests who have officiated there, and retired, since the church opened in 1958.

I will chat with Päivi and Susanne, and talk with some of his colleagues. Then Irma, Naa and I will pack everything and load it and Irma’s mother into the car. We will arrive home shortly before 19:00.

I will walk to Alepa to buy milk and then we will both sit in silence and try to clear our heads of everything the day managed to remind us of.