Sunday, March 25

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Rautjärventie, 11:46


This morning the clocks went forward so who knows what time we woke up. Whatever the time, though, we woke up to a bright Spring day. The sun shone and coloured the sky bright blue.

I go for an hour’s walk, listening to Scott Johnson’s piece Mind Out of Matter, which takes a speech by Daniel Dennett and turns it into music without involving singing, in what I suppose we could describe as sprechgesang, if we felt like it. The music reminds me of Frank Zappa, circa Uncle Meat which means, in effect, that it reminds me of Edgard Varèse.

As I walk I come across a landlocked boat abandoned in the snow that seems symbolic of the never-ending winter. The sun has begun to melt the snow in very noticeable patches, so perhaps the boat actually symbolises the arrival of Summer any day now. I hope.

In the afternoon we will go for a walk together. Irma will suggest that we walk to Itis so that she can get some medicine from the pharmacy. We will do this and then decide to look for dvd players to replace the one we bought for 40€ about ten years ago which stopped working about four months ago.

They seem to have gone completely out of fashion. We will see more turntables for vinyl records than dvd players. We will walk back to Prisma who will have none at all. I will decide to go back to Gigantti to buy the small Sony model, while they still make it, and Irma will continue walking home.

I will walk back twenty minutes after her and as I set up the new and delightfully tiny dvd player I will realise that we do not possess the HDMI cable we need to attach it to the tv. Irma has one at work and she will promise to bring it tomorrow.

Job half done, we will prepare for the week ahead, have some supper, and go to bed.