Monday, March 26

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Arabianranta, 12:50


We woke up to see snow falling. All the ground that the sun had revealed yesterday lay covered in snow again. I walked through the snow to the bus stop in a bitterly cold wind. I sat on the bus and then, thanks to the new metro arrangements, I stood all the way to Sörnäinen.

Maria walked into Arcada looking like a featured actor in The Walking Dead. She still has whatever she had last week, only not quite as badly. Jutta walked in tired from the changing clock, which she said always affects her for about two weeks. She also felt tired from her Saturday birthday celebrations which started with a bottle of champagne for breakfast.

I spent the morning fixing the exercises for Block 2 of Structuring Information. I had made them last week but I upgraded them amd planned how I would display them step by step.

I then turned to the EdMedia papers and began work on resubmitting the one that got rejected in the first call.

At 12:45 Jutta appeared from teaching and suggested walking to S-Market to buy lunch. I had already eaten the eväs that Irma had given me but I happily agree to go for a walk. The snow has stopped so we trot off. I wait for Jutta to come through the checkout and pause to look at the gaming machines, which have their own little space. I watch somebody losing manically and photograph the scene.

Later I will notice that I appear in the mirror at the top right-hand corner of the picture.

In the afternoon we will sit through our monthly Kulturmöte at which we will have a presentation about Open Innovation 2.0; the new whiteboard that monitors our availability; the possibility of losing A312 as an open space in favour of returning it to a standard classroom; and Maria on Faisal’s plans to make Arcada into a globally successful centre for educational innovation.

Afterwards I will join in an ongoing discussion about how people will get remunerated at Pixelache, before leaving for home under a bright blue Spring sky. I will wait to see if all signs of this morning’s snow have now disappeared again.