Art of “Writing”

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POSTED: March 13, 2018

Today we went to Abu Dhabi where we spent several hours in the new-ish Louvre. We liked it! While there we wandered into the souvenir shop where we perused the books. We felt as though we could have bought any of them cheaper in Kiasma, which struck us as somewhat odd.

Because of this I found myself looking for small books and slim volumes. I noticed this one shrink-wrapped on a lower shelf and pulled it out. I looked at the front and, after a minute or two, burst into laughter, to the point where Irma looked up to see what I found funny.

The text in the strip along the bottom made us both chortle.

However, when I turned it over, I laughed harder. Rather than apologising for the assemblage the text on the back tried to turn it into an advantage. “Look how modern we are”, it said: “we don’t even bother to write anymore!”

The book you are holding in your hands utilizes the unique characteristics of the Internet — relying on web infrastructure and collaborative tools to share and use resources in keeping with the characteristics of the medium…

I put it down not knowing whether I should feel outraged or impressed. I decided on the latter.

I would have loved to have seen what it looks like inside but not enough to spend 142 AED, which converts into about 32€.