Wednesday, March 28

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China Flavor, 15:00


Irma got up early because she has a lot to do today and I got up normally. We exchanged some jolly words and I wished her lots of luck before I left.

I spent most of the morning tidying up the examples for Structuring Information tomorrow and in two weeks time. I spoke with Jutta and my intuitions turned out correct: this year’s first year do understand things easily and work quickly. I therefore reworked my exercises to take this into account.

I met Laura and Natalie who showed me their final presentation and then ran through it. They presented it to a group of second year students who all applauded and then presented it to Jutta and me. We didn’t applaud but did say that we thought the presentation worked very well. We gave a few suggestions and then Jutta went back to her class.

At midday Jutta finishes her teaching and announces that she feels an urgent need to eat Chinese food. Leila and Jani demur so we walk to China Flavor on our own. I start with a vegetable soup which proves tricky to photograph. I progress to the usual buffet and finish with some sushi, because Wednesday means sushi at China Flavor.

In the afternoon I will have several planning meetings until I leave for Arabianranta to get two cds by The Streets that I have reserved from the library. From there I will go home via Itis where I will buy something for the weekend; for Saturday morning, if we favour exactness around these parts.