Thursday, March 29



Metro, approaching Kalasatama, 8:35


I manage to get a window seat on the metro for the first time this week. I sit reading the Guardian on my iPad and as the train leaves Kulosaari I look up and switch on my camera app in time to get a painterly image of the building works at Kalasatama as the metro crosses the bridge.

The sea remains frozen. Yesterday I saw people on it. Today, camera in hand, I seen nobody.

I will spend the morning leading the final session in Block 2 of the Structuring Information course. I will suspect that the student body organised a party last night because half the class have not turned up and the half that have look as though they need several hours more sleep.

We will go through the exercises I have devised. We will finish looking at the nth-child pseudo-class, move through several varieties of menu, and stop at minifying.

I will have a quick lunch with Tomas: rissoles, brown sauce, potatoes and cauliflower. Then I will settle down to rewrite the exercises in Block 2 so that they will act as revision for those who attended and distance learning for htose who did not. I will make sure everything works properly and has enough comments to draw attention to anything of importance.

I will pick up some wine on the way home in case Irma feels like celebrating when she gets in. This will not happen until 21:30 when she will burst in after a second triumphant day, or at least a second day in which everything she had planned turned out exactly as it should.

We will finish the evening with a glass of wine or two.