Saturday, March 31

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Uiskotie, 11:10


Naa and Irma got up to continue working on their guinea pig project. I went for a short walk. This year fate had conspired to combine Irma’s name day with Easter so I gave her a ceramic egg containing gift vouchers for Body Shop and Indiska, with a card depicting the skyline of Sheffield.

I walk down to Alepa, turn left, cross Itäväylä, walk down, and turn down the little underpass that forms a continuation of Uiskotie. As I come to the other end I notice the sun projecting some graffiti painted on the glass panels where the road goes over the underpass. The effect momentarily startles me. I like it and photograph it with my phone.

After breakfast Irma and Naa will go and collect the cage from a charming young man in Vartiokylä while I work on the mountain of ice outside our front door, caused by the new roof dropping all the snow into a neat pile all along one side of the house.

Actually it has done it on three sides of the house, but the others do not matter as much.

I will use the ice-cutting implement we have whose name I know in none of three languages. At some point Irma will arrive and then leave again, and later I will go for a second walk.

When I return I will decide to clear some of the mountain on the other side of the house and once I have finished both my my shoulders and wrists will ache quite nicely.

I will decide to go to bed early, and feel better for it.