Monday, April 2

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Home, 11:34


We got up at about 10:00 on the final day of Easter Weekend. Neither of us had slept well for connected but somewhat different reasons. The day started contentiously.

The weather app has proved correct. I woke up to a heavy snowstorm that had obviously begun about eight hours earlier. I stand looking out of the window, wondering whether I should go outside and clear some of it away. The weather forecast predicts that the week will warm up and, by implication, the snow will melt. I feel sceptical.

I will go out and spend forty five minutes digging paths to the wood shed, the heating room, and the compost.

In the afternoon I will re-read Culture & Democracy: the manifesto for my presentation in Manchester. I will then make a second draft of my notes.

By the time the day ends I will have gone outside four times to sweep the snow away. The third time will take about 90 minutes, since I will agree to clear the entire drive with the spade, in case (as I suspect) it freezes before it has a chance to melt. I will feel that I have had the benefit of exercise when I return indoors.

Later Irma and I will perform banking feats using the phone service. This will result in us having co-ownership of each other’s accounts. During this Irma will discover the number of my new credit card and I will use it to pay the overdue Linode bill, thus preventing our many sites from disappearing from view.

Irma will produce some shampooing powder created by The Mother, I will use it, and all scepticism will melt away. My hair will feel luscious and vibrant (or at least noticeably better than usual) and I will conclude that, whatever The Mother did or did not know, she sure made a mean shampoo.