Sunday, April 8



Röda Huset, Gumbostrand, 14:58


The day started with breakfast and snow work. The snow on the roofs and the paths had melted but we felt that the great big piles that had formed could do with some help. Irma used the ice-pole to break some of the piles up and I carried them out into the road where the sun would melt them.

We spent several hours doing this until our piles had become small bumps. We then went indoors and I did the vacuum-cleaning that I never had time to do yesterday.

For some reason that she never felt the need to explain, Irma suddenly suggested that we should go to Gumbostrand, and we did.

We both really like Gumbostrand and we drive slowly through the village to the gallery. We notice a sign telling us that we can visit The Red House, which we have never found open before. We drive round the back of the gallery and park outside. I stop to photograph the entrance which does, indeed, look extremely red. It has an interesting collection of arts and crafts for sale, including some from Eva Kyrklund who live in Pellinge.

We will then go back to the gallery itself and look at the Spring exhibition. This will include a number of pieces from Phil Mendez that look like illustrations or movie stills. We will discover that he does illustrate childrens’ books, some of which he has written. We will walk round a corner and find him standing there giving impromptu lectures around more of his art. I will stand listening for ten minutes admiring his performance.

He actually looks and sounds like a character from his own paintings.

Naa will arrive shortly after we get home. We will eat and she will get the Cadbury Creme eggs that I found for her in Manchester, along with a big Creme Egg package including a mug, that I bought before I found the “real” Creme Eggs.

Later I will read the first of the two Wendell Berry essays in the little book I bought: Why I am Not Going To Buy a Computer.