Wednesday, April 11

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Stockmann, 18:57


Both Irma and I slept through the night. The Maxim had apparently worked magic on us yesterday evening. We woke up noticing how fresh and relaxed we felt. The weather may have helped. The remains of the snow looked like stage sets left out to dry in a bright sunny morning.

At Arcada I wondered where all my students had gone and then remembered that I had had to book a different room because Jutta had A303 booked for the third year. I taught all morning in a strange room, F365 fact fans. I found myself using Windows 7 on an old computer with an old data projector that shone onto a cloth screen that swung in the breeze. Oh how we laughed.

The javascript exercises worked well, except for that fact that not everyone had turned up which meant that we will have to repeat them tomorrow. We got further than I had expected which, of course, increased the problems that I will have tomorrow.

After a quick lunch I set out a proposal on the Kuusi Palaa website for a Convivial Mechanics events on May 4 called Toothpaste & Code. The site didn’t work properly so I left uncertain whether or not the proposal had gone through.

At 14:00 Jutta and I met Jessica and Jolanda to talk about their progress on the project for Irma. I found myself extolling the virtues of acting in a way that gives the client confidence. Then I found myself explaining why I thought this constituted a good idea. Then I sat back and let Jutta sound encouraging. I suggested some strategies for introducing research into the process. At the end of the meeting I gave some detailed suggestions about the next stages in designing the logo, which I suspect they took as instructions.

Later in the afternoon I chatted with Camie about the HERA project and she agreed that she would serve on the steering group.

At 18:00 Irma and I decide that we will go to the first day of Stockmann’s Crazy Day sale. We decide to drive to Prisma and walk from there, which we do. We spend an hour or so there, not finding anything to buy, but enjoying wandering around and looking. I take photographs of the balloons but they look like all the other photographs of the Crazy Day balloons I have ever taken. I notice some shopping bags in a mesh container and photograph that. A little boy manages to get his shoe into the image.

We will finally find things we need in the deli in the basement and we will arrive back in Prisma’s car park with bags of cheeses and fish. We will notice a car parked at an odd angle with a old man grinning it it and a younger man leaning in talking.Before we drive off Irma will walk over and ask if anyone needs any help. After five minutes I will wander over.

The man in the car has forgotten how to make the car move although he happily announces that he has worked out how to start it. In the end we persuade him to get out and move to the passenger seat, which he does, slowly, over a period of about ten minutes. Irma will find out where he lives and get in his car to drive him home and I will follow behind in our car.

The younger man got involved in this by helping him with his shopping and offers profuse thanks for stepping in and getting him off the hook.

He old man lives near Lanterna so we will drive there in a convoy. Once we have parked Irma will help him out of his car, lock it, and walk him to his apartment while I remain outside. Time passes and evening falls during this process. Afterwards we will both wonder how on earth he managed to drive from home to Prisma in the first place.

By the end of this adventure we will arrive home at bed time, puzzled and somewhat concerned.