Friday, April 13

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Arcada, 16:50


This week I completely changed my diary habit; dropping Informant (which I have used since 2009) and switching to the much simpler Tiny Calendar. This happened as the indirect result of a time zone bug in Informant in Dubai, an ongoing problem with the Focus View, and an argument in the beta forum. Some snippily suggested I should find something else, so I did, and everything became simpler.

This morning I began work with an event labelled “Diaries up to date”. I took this to mean two things: get rid of the extraneous category colours in Outlook, and bring this up to date. I had only made sketchy notes for the last week. I did this for ninety minutes and then I had no more to do.

At 11:00 I recorded a five minute radio piece for two students: a soundtrack for a slide show. They had warned me to book ninety minutes for this. As I had suspected, two takes and I had it done, leaving me seventy five minutes of free time to work up some javascript examples for next week.

I had a thesis tutorial at 13:00 and then wrote an abstract for the SPTA conference in the autumn that I had learned about in Manchester. One theme at this revolves around what we might learn from the original movement for cultural democracy. If I dont get accepted I shall lodge an official complaint.

I carried on preparing for block 4 of Structuring Information and the wrote to Alison offering my thanks and enclosing my receipts. During this I got a surprising and delightful message from Irma, “come home now”. She made it clear that we had no emergency; she just wanted to start the weekens as soon as possible.

I leave Arcada at 16:00 and forty minutes later find myself on the front seat of a 95 bus on my way home in the sun. I photograph the road as we approach Ring Road 1 from the bus. A woman crosses at the lights.

We will drive to Crazy Days and then to Prisma where we will buy some wine. We will drink this while watching Steve Coogan playing Paul Raymond in an biographical film that both of us will find interesting.