Tuesday, April 17

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Room 113, Avondale bed and breakfast, 19:54


My alarm went off and I got up, got washed and ate my Weetabix. Irma asleep on through all of this. I heard her alarm and went in to check.

I asked her if she wanted to get up and she said “nnnn”. I told her I had to go and she said “mmm”. I kissed her and left.

I got to Arcada in time to set up and start teaching. I told they class that they seemed ready for a real-world exercise. I showed them Flickity and told them to teach themselves how to use it and make a fully responsive carousel.

While they grappled with this I had a Skype conversation with Jutta about Tina Two-Languages.

At 14:00 Liisa’s partner Kari arrived and drove us to the airport, where we opted for the lounge since neither of us had had any lunch. I had a lot of meatball salad and apple cake while skillfully avoiding the wine.

On the flight I finished the first series of Young Animals’ Cave Carson comics and then listened to Hammock.

When we arrived in Dublin I remembered where to find things and we got the 747 bus to near Connolly Station. We walked to the corner of Gardiner Street Lower where O’Shea’s stands and agreed to use that as a landmark. I crossed the road and walked ten metres to the guesthouse I had booked when the Townhouse claimed to have no rooms available.

I check into The Avondale and find myself standing in the smallest hotel room I can recall. The bed looks big and will prove as comfortable as it looks. I can stand my case lengthways in the corridor between the bed and the wall, but not sideways.

I message Irma to tell her. I then discover that the advertised wifi doesn’t work. I message Irma to tell her.

Liisa and I will meet an hour later at O’Shea’s for an Irish dinner that involves pie, chips and Guinness. We will listen to the Irish musicians playing in the corner of the room and then leave. Liisa will walk back to her perfectly normal hotel a couple of hundred metres away and I will cross the road and squeeze into room 113. I will go early to bed, according to Irish clocks.

With the lights out it will feel almost like a normal room.