Monday, April 23

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Puotila metro, 8:05


The weather remained cold but, having fixed my tyres, I decided to cycle anyway. I turned down an offer of gloves and regretted it about twenty metres down the road.

I arrive at Puotila to note that most of the summer cyclists have not started yet. I place my bike in what I have come to think of as its usual position and stand back to admire it. In a month’s time I will find myself racing here to claim that position.

I will get to Arcada ten minutes earlier and ever so slightly fitter. I will begin the process of catching up from my week away in Dublin. I will answer mails and agree to meetings. I will talk with Oliver about the May Convivial Mechanics event, and we will agree to skype on Wednesday and meet in the centre on Friday. I will then concentrate on preparing for my two classes tomorrow.

I will spend a lot of the morning playing with p5.js, a javascript implementation of MIT’s Processing language, aimed at making programming simple for artists and educators. I saw this demonstrated in Dublin. I knew about Processing, but I had not seen the javascript version before. After a couple of hours I will decide that it would make a perfect climax to the Structuring Information course, as it will equip the students with some of the skills they will need for Mirko’s gaming course, as well as building on everything that they have done with me.

I will then turn my attention to the Introduction to Interactive Storytelling course. I will go through the slides until I feel happy that I know what I will say, and then I will run through the structure to make certain that it all makes sense, and will reach a snappy conclusion.

At 13:00 we will have Kulturmöte and I will report back on the Dublin trip. The meeting will not stretch out, as they sometimes do, and I will return to my desk for a discussion with Jutta about the new applicants.

I will then race to Stoa and at 15:00 I will find myself sitting with Sami, Jessica and Jolanda, waiting for Irma to appear. She will appear suddenly from another meeting and we will get down to business. Things have shaped up very well, and Irma will express her happiness with the (almost finished) logo and the first iteration of the website.

We will forget my bike so, once we have got home, Irma will drive me back to Puotila again. Later in the evening I will send Luke the money that I promised him towards the cost of his wedding, or almost all of it; specifically, as much of it as I can legally send him without incurring taxes and other legal complications.

I will go to bed to the sound of silence.