Wednesday, April 25

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Arcada, 8:45


When we got up it turned out that both Irma and I had woken up dreaming or thinking about Bruno. We spent the whole time with him this winter and he became a part of our life in Kerela. Irma pointed out that I had never bonded with a dog like that before in my life. I agreed. Bruno and I developed routines like the morning walks which we both enjoyed. When I had thought about going next winter I thought about seeing him again as one of the things I looked forward to.

As Irma pointed out last night: everything ends up temporary. Fuck, I replied, and meant it.

I sent Arjan some photos I had of Bruno late last night, when he asked for some. On the metro this morning I take one of them and crop it so that the dog forms the focal point of the image. I don’t do this for any particular reason but when I get to work I decide to use it as my daily photograph, since I realise I have thought about him for about an hour. I feel a much greater sadness and sense of loss than I would have expected. I have one less thing to look forward to and I will miss him a lot when we sit in the sun at Christmas.

Maybe I have simply experienced enough death for awhile.

I will start the day by processing the receipts for Manchester and Dublin, in order to try to get payment by the end of the month. I had already sent my Manchester receipts (I sent them the Tuesday after I got back), but I received a form to fill in on Monday afternoon, and so I will complete it in the style requested and return it.

I will read a MA student thesis and then Jutta will ask if I want to go for a walk to Lidl. On the way there she will change this to going for a sushi. We will both end up at China Flavor eating soup and sushi.

On the way back we will walk past the dining hall to find a lot of primary school children in costumes singing. The costumes include sailors, bus conductors and sheep. We will not find out why.