Thursday, April 26

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Hameentie, 13:10


I had left my bicycle at Puotila last night and so, as the roofers arrived, I walked out of the house and down to the bus stop at Alepa. I caught a 95 and sat so that I could see the bike stands as we passed. My bike still stood there.

Kepa’s wife, the doctor, got off the bus and we spent the metro journey chatting. They will have a garden party soon and we will get an invitation.

At 9:15 I began the final session of Structuring Information. I went back over the course, pointing out how everything had tied together. I then explained the final project and invited them to start work on it. As I had suspected some students ground to a halt fairly quickly, while others started trying to solve several complex problems at once.

At 12:45, when the session ended, I offered an extra session next week for anyone who wants to attend. About half the room added it to their calendars.

Deciding that I would like peanut butter sandwiches for lunch I leave the building and then stop to photograph a tree on the way from Arcada to Lidl where I will buy my peanut butter. The tree has surrounded itself with a ring of shadow.

In the afternoon I will attempt to close my Hostmonster account for good; something that I tried and failed to do last year. Since my credit card has now expired and they do not have the details of my new card I think I might have succeeded.

At 15:15 I will attend a Nobanet meeting where I will explain my ingenious plan of forking the online course so that each participating university can run their own version in their own way. Eija will like this idea and it will morph into an official proposal.

I will remember to collect my bike from Puotila metro on the way home. When I get home I will spend fifteen minutes adjusting the rear wheel to try to stop the tyre rubbing against the mudguard. I will manage to loosen the chain and by the time I have fixed that everything will have returned to the starting point. I will give up and go indoors.

In the evening we will go to Prisma, before going to Lanterna to try to find a rocking chair that no longer exists. We will end up at Lidl, because you do.