Tuesday, May 1

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Lapinrinne, 17:00


Failing to party last night with the rest of Helsinki left us so tired that we got up late this morning. The promised sunshine had not arrived. Instead I heard the sound of drizzle.

We sat and talked about feeling defeated. We had both noticed the amount of friends and acquaintances that had dies in the last year. Irma corrected my count. We have actually lost five humans and a dog in less than twelve months: Ake, Joni, Jussi, Oskari, Jussi and Bruno.

We had our weekend brunch and then left for Kamppi. We had intended to go by metro by we had somehow left it too late and so we drove there. The amount of people celebrating Vappu made it had to find anywhere to park and we ended up finding a space very near Everest, the Nepalese restaurant we have not gone to for about a decade.

Irma had prepared all the necessary documentation and she explained it all formally to Mummi, Marja, Naa and Päivi. Olli the Dog watched in between running around the apartment looking for who knows what. We then had afternoon tea, with an interesting variety of cheeses and biscuits.

On the way back to the car, Irma spots an imaginary girl in the form of a miniature graffiti as we approach Everest from Kamppi. I notice three Vappu stragglers walk past in the ongoing drizzle and I manage to capture all four in the same photograph.

We will give Päivi and Olli a lift to Lautasääri, and then drop Naa off at her home, before going to Lidl for a few edible things.