Wednesday, May 2

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Front drive, 17:20


The long weekend finished last night, and I woke up this morning to find that the weather had noticed and decided to relive the glory years of late winter. The temperature had dropped and the rain had obviously been pouring down for hours.

By the time I had washed, shaved, and eaten breakfast, the rain had slowed to a heavy drizzle. I checked the weather forecast and decided to cycle anyway. The drizzle slowed further as I cycled and I got to Puotila with my trousers damp but not soaked. My jacket and hood had kept my head and shoulders completely dry.

I renewed Lastpass for another year and then set about checking Block 2 of Interactive Storytelling to make sure that the instructions still appeared to make sense. In doing this I noticed that very few students had handed in the assignment for Block 1 yet. I therefore emailed them to say that I would delay Block 2 for twenty four hours to allow them to complete Block 1.

At 11:30 I arrived at Stoa for a meeting about the Job’d project. The meeting did not last long because everyone agreed that everything that needed doing had got done. Nathalie showed a mock-up of the website and Irma agreed that Laura and Nathalie should finalise it. Sami promised the text and images, and I agreed tht Laura, Nathalie and I will put the site online on the Friday of next week.

Irma then took us all to lunch at Thai Orchid in Itis. I liked the miso soup so much that I had two bowls.

In the afternoon I returned to Arcada for a meeting with Jutta about our need to create water-tight criteria by which to assess the merits of online media thesis productions. We batted various ideas about and finally decided to come to some conclusions at a sushi lunch next Wednesday.

I then emailed Nathalie, in Copenhagen all week, about the cost of attending EdMedia. She cleared it and told me to get on with booking my place, my flights, and my hotel. I then left for home.

Arriving home on my bike I stop in the drive and look at the rubbish shed gleaming in the bright sun. The weather changed in the afternoon and has returned to feeling like early summer. The sky has turned blue and the light breeze is warm on the skin. The ground has completely dried. I photograph one corner of the door-frame where several shades of white collide and the buried heads of nails gleam gold.

Sunshine will race out as soon as I open the door to the room where he has slept all day. He will then race in and out for an hour before finally disappearing somewhere for another hour. He will return shortly before Irma who will arrive home about 19:00, after a Skype interview with New York as part of the preparation for her trip there in twelve days time.

Will I do some ironing in the evening after Irma and I have pulled the sheets in the traditional Finnish manner? Thank you for asking.

Yes I will.