Wednesday, May 16

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Arcada car park, 13:27


Thanks to Mister Cat I woke up early (but not as early as yesterday thanks to my decision to lock the door and open the window). This meant that I had a relaxed breakfast and still left early for work.

The entrance exams begin today and I had got the task of supervising any students who have dyslexia and therefore need more time to write their essay. I moved my laptop to the room where this will take place, and then made some tea and set everything up. While I carried my leads to the room I met Fred in the corridor. He told me that one dyslexic student had cancelled and the other had decided that he wanted to take his exam in the same room as everyone else. I moved all my stuff back to my desk.

All of this amused Fred greatly and he asked if I would use my free time to help him give out papers and manage toilet breaks in the main hall. I agreed and assisted examinees to and from the toilet in a more or less continuous procession for two hours.

Jolanda showed me the latest version of the MakeSomeNoise site, which now had a working parallax effect that had the effect of making it look modern, professional and classy. She had also added a sticky menu that scrolls up and down the different sections. It now looks very good indeed. Jutta, Jolanda and I spent some time testing it on different devices and then Jolanda and Jutta fixed a few bugs that occurred on iOS. Finally I uploaded the final version and sent Irma an email telling her.

Laura and Natalie turned up and I gave them the bag of goodies that Irma had prepared for them before she left. They both almost jumped with joy. Laura started parading round in her waterproof, foldable jacket. Conversation turned to the new vegan Oatly ice cream and Jutta and I decided to go to S-Market to get some. I promised Laura and Natalie that, if they found a spoon, they could have some.

Jutta has suggested that we should eat it in Rolli, her customised kleinbus, so I go upstairs to collect Laura and Natalie and bring Joland, Lotta, and Rasmus as well, since them I find them sitting and working in the Online Media Lab. On the way Rasmus shouts for Jakob to join us.

Everyone approaches Rolli while Jutta sits there pretending not to see us coming. We have two tubs: one of double chocolate fudge and one of salty caramel hazelnut. Only Laura and I like both of them.

I will go back upstairs and spend the rest of the afternoon reading draft theses. At 16:00 the whole Media Team will gather and start the process of figuring out who to accept for interview. As I had hoped everything worked in our favour. The scores for those with online media as a first choice split neatly, with a break after the first fifteen, and a larger break after the eighteenth candidate. Jutta and I will therefore decide not to hold any interviews at all. Instead we will accept the first fifteen, and put the next three on a waiting list.

Then we will go home. I will let the cat in, who will give a good impression of wanting to see me. I will feed him and we will both sit outside in the garden for a while. I will check all the flowers and water them while he sits and watches.

He will trot in after me, eat again, and fall asleep on the sofa. He will still lie asleep when I go to bed at 22:00.