Friday, May 18

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Arcada, 17:55


I woke up to the promised complete change of weather. The temperature had dropped and clouds had covered the sky. The weather forecast had promised hard rain gonna come today and it looked as though their predictions would come true.

I went outside and decided that I didn’t need a coat. However I did take a coat to work: the rainproof jobd jackets that folds up into a pouch. Half way to Puotila I decided that perhaps I should have worn a cardigan.

I started my work day by booking my classes for the first two periods of next year. I got CMS organised with help from a Skype call from Jutta and then tried to book Media Management. I noticed that Mats has not activated it yet and booked the rooms anyway on the grounds that I can attach the details from ASTA later. During this the new rector came round on a visit so I said hello to Mona. She starts officially next week, so I assumed that she had decided to make an impromptu inspection of the building to see how the land lay.

I then looked at Tiia’s research plan and made some coments, before embarking upon a couple of house administrating various aspects of various theses. Some needed emails to jog the writer up; some needed tutorials arranging; some needed comments; and some needed dates fixing.

I had a long chat with Jutta on Skype about planning issues including the books that we want the library to buy for us next week. I emailed Scott with my request form to obtain online access to the Texas Tech library of Charles Sanders Peirce’s papers. Finally I wrote a report for Eija on some aspects of the e-course that we have created for Nobanet.

At 17:45 I arrive at Kuusi Palaa and meet Samir leaving to get a cup of coffee. Ten minutes later he returns and I photograph him talking to Jan, Pixelache’s administrator. Very soon he will start his talk called Batteries are the Message which will run through a history of battery technology and its environmental impact.

At 19:30 Kuusi Palaa’s stakeholder party will begin, to allow stakeholders to get to know each other. By the time I leave at 20:15 the room will contain about ten people.

I will arrive home at about 20:40, let Sunshine in, and feed him. He will settle down for a bit to gather energy so that he can harrass me all night. I will read and then go to sleep.

As I expected, sleep will prove elusive as the cat roams the house whining and growling and pulling things around. I will content myself with the knowledge that Irma will arrive tomorrow morning and Sunshine will return to normal.