Monday, May 21

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Large Auditorium, Arcada, 13:20


I cycled to Puotila and then walked from Kalasatama this morning. On the walk I listened to Brewer & Shipley’s Tarkio album, which I had not played in a decade or more. It brought back specific memories, including some tracks that I had completely forgotten. It did not take me back home though, by a long chalk.

In the morning Jutta and I compiled a list of books that we wanted the library to order for us. Jutta then mailed them and waited to hear if we had exceeded our allowance or not.

I had an hour’s Skype chat with Oliver about Friday’s Convivial Mechanics workshop that, as usual, will fall into three related sections: toolkits for everyday / analogue; digital; and social living.

Jutta and I walked to Lidl to buy salad and juice and bananas and the like. When we got back we made ourselves sandwiches and someone from human resources appeared to tall us we should take exercise and not eat at our desks. I said to Jutta that I confidently expect a memo about the health risks of eating at your desk in the next few days.

At 13:00 Mona, the new rector, holds her first official meeting and we all sit in the large auditorium to listen to her lay out her vision for Arcada. It all sounds very good, and hopeful. I catch Marja, the Finnish teacher, standing to one side waiting to beam up to the mothership. AFter the talk we go upstairs to the staffroom for a variety of cakes, washed down with sparkling wine.

I will chat with Micke about the Exporting Education and expain about meeting Kanak. We will bring ourselves up to date and I will promise to include him in my plans. “Thank God for that,” Jutta will say. “That means that I don’t have to go”.

When I get home I will find Irma in the gardening doing things, while Sunshine sits watching her. Later we will notice that we have a pot that will take two rose plants and only one rose to put in it. I will cycle to Prisma to purchase a second rose.

We will sit outside until the evening sun ceases to warm us, and then we will go in.