Thursday, May 24

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Hermannin rantatie, 8:48


The sun did a better job of heating Finland this morning and so I had no qualms of walking from Kalasatama this morning. I didn’t even bother listening to music: I just looked around at the traffic and the new environment taking shape.

Halfway to Arcada I turned left and went to the big Lidl, just to see if anything had changed. It seemed that it had. This time last year I found myself alone in the store if I dropped in on the way to work. Today I stood in a long queue at the checkout. Business there has obviously picked up dramatically.

As I approach Arcada I notice a crane towering over the building that will become Arcada’s new sports hall, as well as offering additional student accommodation. I watch the crane at work in a clear blue sky.

I will start the working day by solving a student problem with the final assignment in Structuring Information. The answer for those who care about these things simply involves changing


into the less usual but more effective


which temporarily removes the hidden blocks from the dom, in the sense that they neither display nor have any space left for them to display.

I will then act as the examiner for a thesis that Tomas has supervised, thus reversing our roles of yesterday. The thesis looks at hip hop album covers from a semiotic perspective, and the presentation proves considerably better and more confident than the written thesis.

From there I will move to a lengthy Nobanet planning session at which Eija, Elina, Micke and I will agree on the agenda for next week’s meeting, and then agree on a strategy for keeping the e-course alive when Nobanet ends. We will present this strategy at the meeting and see who else (if anyone) wants to play.

Cecilia and Erik have not said that they will come to the meeting so as soon as the planning session has finished I will email them to explain why we would like them there, in case they had thought that the agenda did not involve them.

Finally I will make fruitless efforts to track down a bug in the php for this site. The last year button does not work for one particular date range, and I can find no reason for this. Ah, debugging: how I love it.