Friday, May 25



Kuusi Palaa, 15:40


I started the day by cycling to Puotila and then walking to Prisma. I had ingredients to buy. I bought coconut oil, baking soda, peppermint essence, ground cloves, and sea salt.

I walked back to the metro and went to work to answer mail and talk with Monica and Tomas about the next batch of thesis presentations. At 10:00 I walked to the mall and bought a whisk and a measuring jug from Tokmanni.

Later in the morning I made a Powerpoint presentation introducing the ideas behind Convivial Mechanics.

At 13:20 I met Oliver in Fafa’s in Sörnäinen and had a falafel and feta wrap. We both like this place. It has a nice atmosphere and the wraps always taste good and fill me up. I had a craft made grapefruit drink as well to up my hipster credentials.

We walk to Kuusi Palaa and spend the afternoon rearranging the room to our liking, setting up the projector, and rehearsing. I notice the light coming through the window onto the wooden chair. I have wanted to photograph the floor before and the chair gives it enough focus to make it worthwhile.

At 16:00 we will begin our workshop called Toothpaste and Code. I will introduce Convivial Mechanics. Oliver will explain the three strands we have developed. I will make toothpaste. Oliver will discuss his server-in-a-box and show everyone the Intel box he has bought for this purpose.

The toothpaste will work, in that it will form a paste that does not taste too disgusting. I will promise to upload the recipe to my site or the Convivial Mechanics site and inform people when I have done so.

We will have about twelve people at different stages of the workshop, and three people will stay behind for a lengthier discussion and leave their email addresses to make sure they get told of the next event.

When I get home Irma will declare herself tired and worn out by her first raw vegan week, and we will go to bed early.

I will brush my teeth with my homemade toothpaste.