Sunday, May 27

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Arcada, 15:10


We got up slightly later this morning because Irma did not have to get to Rautatientori until 12:00. We had breakfast and Irma put some washing out to dry in the sun. I left about ninety minutes after she did, and brought the dry washing in before I left.

At 14:00 I saw Abou Diarra, allegedly the Jimi Hendrix of n’goni, whatever that means, and someone whose skills I admired without feeling moved or particularly excited. It goes without saying that the problem lay with me and not him. However, it remained true that many people seemed to agree with me as the area around the stage did not fill up as it had yesterday. Having said that, a small but highly enthusiastic group of fans did get increasingly excited at the front of the stage.

After Abou Diarra finishes I notice a long queue snaking towards the record store which, as far as I know, has remained empty the entire time. I notice him sit down with a stack of cds and start selling them. I walk to the front and photograph him as he deals unsmilingly with a hyper-enthusiastic fan. I suddenly realise how the Record Store works. I realise that I might have got a Freshlyground cd signed if I had waited yesterday evening. I also realise that they might not have wanted to sign anything and waiting might have had no purpose at all.

At 16:00 Les Freres Smith will arrive onstage. They have two singers, a brass section, a drummer, and several percussionists. They will also have a keyboard player who seems to lead them, or at least act as musical director. They will most definitely get the whole arena dancing and jumping and within twenty minutes the area will fill up.

At 17:45 I will walk down to the Open Finland tent where Irma and Kipa have supervised the Henna Girls and given out buckets. I will help them pack everything that remains into a taxi which will take us back to Puotila. Irma and I will transfer everything to the back of our car and Irma will drive it all home while I follow on my bike.

I will feel red after a very hot weekend in the sun and Irma will feel exhausted after a long hot weekend in a tent. Showers and an early bedtime will form the evening plan, but first I will go for an hour’s walk while Irma gets something to eat.

I will listen to The Brides of Funkenstein and marvel at the ever-expanding nature of Never Buy Texas from a Cowboy.