Monday, May 28

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Puotila metro, 17:14


The tropical weather continued for another week, and I cycled to Puotila and walked from Kalasatama.

I spent the first hour of my working day watching a lecture by one of the applicants for Liisa’s position. (She has moved upstairs to work with Stig on the music management course.) Three finalists will each give a lecture and the winner will get the job.

I spend the middle part of the morning compiling a paper that shows everything I can find about assessing theses and other written work. The pieces lay scattered across three different website in a mixture of web pages and downloadable pdfs. When you finally put them together you get a very interesting picture.

At 11:00 I watched the third lecture. Afterwards, talking to Maria, I realised that the whole process means nothing. She has known all three candidates for years, as has Tomas. Once of them used to work with them when they worked under Novia. The other two have both acted as part time lecturers. Everyone in the room, except me, already had more than enough information to make a decision, based on experience and their written qualifications.


At 13:00 we had Kulturmöte and after that I cloned the Eliademy course ready for the start of Storytelling & Experience Design next Monday. I remembered how long and tedious a process this will prove, and set aside more time on Wednesday to get it completed.

I raced to Stoa to meet Irma and Sami, and Jessica and Jolanda. Irma bought us all a late lunch at Thai Orchard, and we sat for an hour or so chatting. When everyone else had left Irma and I went to buy compost. We tried Plantagen and then drove back to Hong Kong where we got plenty. On the way home we stopped at Lidl for ice cream.

I get out of the car at Puotila to collect my bike and notice the coloured glass in the low afternoon sun. I have photographed it last year but not from this angle. I photograph it again.

In the evening I will go for a long walk to stretch my legs and listen to African music as I do. I will return to do some ironing. The sun will still refuse to set.