Wednesday, May 30

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Kauppatori, 16:15


The heat wave continued and I cycled to Puotila with sun pouring down on me.
I started the morning by preparing Room 312 for Jenni’s thesis presentation but I failed to get the computer to play nicely with the data projector. Maria suggested that we move to Room 311, so we did. The computer and the data projector said a ploite hello to each other straight away.

Jenni’s presentation went well, and she left the room with an MA to her name. Kenneth then made his thesis presentation. He managed to talk for 38 minutes of his allotted fifteen, before I drew him to a close. He talked so much because his research genuinely excited him, and he had much of interest to report. He too left with an MA under his arm.

I then wrote to all the Storytelling and Experience Design students because the course will start next Monday, and they need to know some things before it starts. Among the things they need to know: that it will, in fact, start as scheduled, and that I really do exist. After my mail they knew both these things with as much certainty as they might reasonably expect.

I then had a sixty five minute meeting with Sophie Hope on Skype, in which we planned a potential series of podcasts, and discussed the format of the September conference / festival. We decided that we should probably tie these two things together.

In the afternoon Arcada held a big celebration to commemorate Henrik Wolff’s retirement. He received a specially commissioned bok, designed by an online media student, and watched a specially commissioned movie, filmed by media students. The event slowly moved from a seminar to a party, with an exquisite mean and an open bar, both of which I completely missed, because I had a meeting planned with Christa, Hafdis and Vera to discuss a book of our own, that I intend to edit.

We hold this Nobanet pre-meeting at Kappeli and I photograph the tourists as I stand waiting at the statue, our agreed hard-to-miss meeting point. I watch tourists talking photographs of each other in front of the statue, and I watch lost people finding each other, both parties clutching maps and phones.

We plan the book chapters and the papers for Edmedia that will precede them. We also plan the Edmedia poster-demo and the Icelandic Sisters promise that they will make the necessary posters. I will agree to write a draft paper next week, based on the material that Vera sent me a few days ago.

I will return briefly to Arcada at about 18:30 before deciding that I will leave before dinner.

I will arrive home at 20:30, happy to have nothing else to do today.