Thursday, June 7

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Rodhinkuja, 18:10


The colder weather persists but I still persisted with shorts, t-shirt, and cardigan. I also walked from Kalasatama to Arcada and regretted it as the wind rolled in from the sea as soon as I had walked past the new buildings.

I began by answered mail from worried students who had missed or forgotten deadlines and wanted to know if they still had time to hand in their assignments. I checked Eliademy and found signs of life, which pleased me. I then adjusted the text and layout on dibdibdob to make it even more minimal.

I booked my classes for Period 4, making sure I left two weeks to visit the Kochi Biennale.

At 10:00 I supervised an MA thesis presentation and, in the end, all went well. A very long research period had produced an extra long thesis, but the work stood scrutiny, even if the conclusion read more like a synopsis for episode 2 than an attempt to conclude anything. I switched from this to reading an early draft of another MA thesis, expected to land in late autumn.

In the afternoon I recorded a conversation with Sophie Hope as a trial run for a podcast series we intend to do after summer. Naa phoned me to say that her feedback meeting about her praktik had gone very well, and she had got top marks. We had a long chat about this.

I finished the afternoon with a tutorial with another MA student, cuurently near the beginning of her thesis process. We agreed her research question and approach.

I got home about 17:00 and an hour later I walk over the road and up the path to Kepa and Selja’s house. Today, for some reason, many people open their gardens to public view. I get there as bunches of old ladies arrive. I walk around and photograph flowers. As I leave I decide that my favourite part of the garden consists of the wooden steps from the drive to the garden, and the flowers, bushes and trees that surround it.

Sometime after 20:00 Irma will arrive home from her day trip to Tallinn with Kipa, Sagal and Sami.