Friday, June 8

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Tirmo, 18:14


We both stayed at home today, because we had work related things that we could do better from home. Once we had done them, we switched our attention to the garden and weeded and watered.

In the afternoon I cycled to Prisma to collect some ciders for the weekend, and at about 16:00 we packed the car and left for Borgå, where we stopped at Lidl to stock up on groceries.

We arrive at the ferry in time to watch it unloading on the other side. We have obviously got to Tirmo at rush hour and the ferry is going from one side to the other continuously. The sky has darkened, which does not bode well. I photograph the boats.

Sunshine will race out of his box when we arrived and trot down to the bridge over what Auo always used to refer to as the river. We will unpack and move things around. He will arrive back when food arrives.

We will spend the evening talking and relaxing, and both remain in a good mood until the evening ends.