Saturday, June 9

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Ferry, 11:17


We decided yesterday that we would not go to the market this morning and so we stayed in bed; finally getting up about 10:30.

The sun had come out and the sky had brightened. I decided to go for a walk before brunch. I walked down to the ferry and decided to see if I could walk to the bus shelter and photograph it in time to get back on the same ferry.

As I stand on the ferry I become overwhelmed with a feeling of arriving. I remember the many times that Auo and I used to ride back and forth on the ferry when Irma had gone to Helsinki. I look at the mirror and the water and feel completely present for a few moments.

Unfortunately the ferry only contains three cars heading from the island to the mainland and when we get to Tirmo I will notice a queue of two cars heading for Pellinge. I trot up to the bus shelter and photograph it, complete with chairs and a new rubbish bin that someone else has left there. By the time I turn round to head for the ferry, the two cars will have boarded and the ferry will have left.

I will walk to the shop to look around while I wait for the ferry to return. The shop will have very few customers and less produce than it stocked a few years ago. When I leave I will notice that the queue for the next ferry has grown and grown. If they had all arrived fifteen minutes ago I would easily have made it back without hanging around.

In the early afternoon we will drive to Benita’s where we will sit in the sun drinking a lonkero and eating a sandwich. As we eat the wind will raise and clouds will cover the sun. I will walk back to the car for my jumper.

The wind will grow until by evening it will feel like autumn. We will wait for the cat to appear and then go to bed early.