Monday, June 11

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Hämeetie, 16:40


When we went to Lidl in Borgå on Friday I spotted some beetroot hummus. In fact I spotted a range of hummus: something that has traditionally proved difficult to obtain in Finnish supermarkets. This morning I walked from Kalasatama to Arcada and detoured to the big Lidl to buy some.

I got to Arcada and set up the second Module of the summer course, ready to open automatically at midday. I checked all the downloads to make sure that they worked as expected. They did.

I then went through the draft version of the paper for Edmedia. At some point during this Tiina Räisä appeared to say hello. She will return from Tampere to teach in August.

On Saturday I had looked into using Safari on my iPad in place of iCab, which I have used for about five years. I had done this when I realised that I could use Lastpass with Safari, in the same way that I do on Windows. In other words, I could auto-fill password fields in a very easy (but allegedly secure) way. This morning I tried to install iCould on my laptop in order to sync my Firefox bookmarks with Safari. I walked into a whole mess which seemed to affect a lot of people. I could not get iCloud to install itself.

I gave this thirty minutes and then decided that I could transfer the book marks, one time only, using iTunes. This would not update for the same reason. It then demanded to make a backup of my entire iPad on the laptop, which I didn’t want, but the end result included the bookmarks from my laptop living happily inside Safari. Along the way I had noticed that iTunes will only sync bookmarks with Internet Explorer and had had to import my Firefox bookmarks there first.

Oh the fun we had.

In the afternoon I continued working on the draft paper, because I didn’t feel happy with it, until I eventually felt happier with it. I put it to one side because I felt that it had reached the stage where I need to let it roll around in my head for a few hours, before I can spend an hour or so tomorrow morning finalising it.

I went to a meeting about Education Export instead where Faisal explained the current state of his plans for shipping Christa to India at every opportunity. I volunteered to join her as a test pilot for this adventure. I raised the question about how all these plans fitted together and, lo and behold, they apparently don’t yet , but they will do real soon.

On the tram home I sit by the window and take pictures idly. I take this one of three people determinedly walking up and down Hämeentie and decide that I like it. If I wanted an album cover for a charmingly abstract modern record then I might use this.

On the way from Puotila the chain will somehow fall off my bicycle and I will learn what it feels like to travel at speed on a bike with no brakes. I will manage to stop without hurting myself or anybody else. By the time Irma drives up to the house I will have my spanners out and have started fixing it.

I will drive it up and down the road a few times to make sure it will not happen again, before I go indoors to catch up on the weekend cleaning, and do some ironing.

Later in the evening we will have banking fun as Irma tries to understand Nordea’s new charges and has it explained to her on the phone in terms of fictitious customers called Kari, Tiina and Päivi. We will end up baffled and infuriated.