Tuesday, June 12

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Puotila metro, 8:54


Irma got up sometime around 6:00, while I slept, in order to meet Sami and Kipa at the railway station. They have a speaking gig in Jyväskylä today which involves two three hour train journeys, and the first one started at about 7:30.

I woke long enough to recognise the sound of torrential rain outside and, sure enough, when my alarm rang at 7:30 the torrential rain continued. Irma had let the cat out and he crawled back in gratefully. I had breakfast and decided to do my first two tasks from home. I managed to get my Nordea online banking working on my iPad, following the emails and phone calls Irma and I had both had with the bank. Nordea want to switch everyone from their old-style banking to their-old style online banking, and their attempts to do this have simply sown confusion.

Yesterday, in answer to a request for information that made some sense, they sent me an email that said “If you have our Mobile Plus package, you can still use Netbank normally. But it will require you to use Mobile Bank regularly.” I had asked them to explain the difference between Netbank and Mobile Bank and I really don’t believe that they did.

I also answered my email and checked the current state of the summer course, before I settled down and re-read what I had written yesterday. By this time the rain had stopped.

I left and cycled to the metro, just as the rain started again. The rush hour has melted away and I stand on an almost empty platform. A few people start to gather at the far end. I watch the play of light from the windows and the way it turns the metal into bronze. I hear the train arriving and guess, correctly, that I will have no trouble finding a seat.

I rewrite the paper in the morning and send it to Hafdis and Vera for comments. I email Aga, Ilpo and Oliver to say that I wholeheartedly approve of Aga’s idea to invite someone from the Unmonastery project to the conference in September. I have a chat with Tomas and another longer one with Maria.

Later I will have a Skype chat with Jutta and then one with Luke, who will appear online at the same time as me for the first time in about three weeks. He will feel stressed by work and the forthcoming wedding. He has also managed to arrange a meeting in London today without remembering that Alice has her birthday today. Oops, I will say.

At lunchtime I will look out of the window and notice the sky has turned back to blue and walk to the mall to get some bananas. The afternoon will resemble a quieter version of the morning, as Monica, Maria and I work and talk. Maria will bring me up to date on a wide variety of news and gossip that had passed me by.

I will leave for home, to free the cat, at about 15:45, stopping to buy some oat milk on the way.