Tuesday, July 10

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Sundö, 16:45

The day began cold and got better. I tried to do work on my thesis and got nowhere. This is the part that was supposed to be easy, the part where I joined up the dots. Sadly the dots seemed unwilling to be joined.

We spent the best part of the day remaking the entrance hall, which spilled over into remaking the sauna house. We removed the table from the end of the entrance and replaced it with the cupboard we had previously removed from the kitchen. I repainted the table. We removed the over-large table from the sauna and replaced it with the table that I had repainted.

Now we are tidying up and, for the second time in a week, Naa has found a frog and coaxed it into her shoe. Last week she found one in the field while she was picking onions. Today she found one in the garden.

I am looking at a frog in a Croc. The frog is looking back at me.

Later the girls will go with Johan to bale hay while Irma and I make jigsaws. We found a set of them while we were redoing the entrance, and now we will make use of them. We will do four, ranging from sixty pieces to 200, and the one with 99 pieces will prove the trickiest.