Wednesday, June 13

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Rautatientori, 16:57


Wednesday morning began with our long-awaited debriefing meeting in which Mirko showed Jutta and I the games that the students had made in his course this Spring. I can safely say that we both exuded amazement at what we saw. I could describe some of the games as good, some as excellent, and some as almost-ready-for-prime time professional. The group had made at least two that I actually wanted to play. Mirko promised to give us the list of urls from where we can download them.

While we did this Ceti had a small gang of workmen in A303 demolishing the old furniture and replacing it with new tables that I had chosen from the basement. She had started by asking if I had another copy of the plan we have made the other week. I hadn’t because I had made a single scale-model plan on graph paper when we went round with a tape measure. Never mind, Ceti said, can you jot down the idea again? So I scribbled on a piece of A4 paper and she left waving it and laughing.

At some point in this I paused to buy two $1 Humble Bundle book offers, one containing six web design books and the other containing seven science books, including at least two I have wanted to read for some time.

I left with everyone in the room at 11:10 to catch a tram to Hakaniemi where we met the others for our summer lunch, which took place at Meripaviljonki. After this most people went home and I sat outside in the sun with Fred eating a gelato from an artisan truck that he had recommended. Pluti joined us briefly then we drove back to Arcada in Fred’s car.

I got a pleasant surprise. The rearrangement of A303 had turned out a spectacular success. The new arrangement makes the room feel twice as large. I met Ceti and we celebrated with high fives.

In the afternoon I reformatted the paper I wrote in 2016 for Open Fields for its publication sometime later this year, in the proper APA style. In doing this I finally worked out an efficient workflow using Scrivener and Word.

Having done this I leave and catch the metro to Rautatientori where I walk towards Kiasma. I turn around and look at the Eliel designed building and decide to photograph the people going hither and thither. The sun pours down and eventually I turn round again and head towards Kiasma to meet Irma and Naa.

We will walk to Musikkitalo to watch a performance by Anart of kathak dance. I will love it. The first part will take the form of three long formal dances, while the second half appears looser and more improvised.

On the way back to the metro Irma and Naa will spot two hot dog stands side by side and decide to get one. We will find them shut. Ten metres further on Irma will spot an old woman apparently unable to persaude any cab driver to take her rollateri. Irma will interven and a driver will readily agree to take her. Just as this episode closes I will notice one of the kiosks opening and we will race back to become their first customers.

As soon as we have have finished our hot dogs and got up to leave Naa will notice that the second kiosk has just opened and she will race over to get a second dog.

We will get home full and happy.