Friday, June 15

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Hermannin rantatie, 10:23


Irma left first this morning, to attend a seminar somewhere about something. I got up when she left because I had things to do before I went to work.

I had breakfast, locked the cat away and cycled to Puotila as normal. I parked my bike and walked through Itis to Tallinninaukio. Once there I found the secret door that would lead me to the Oral dental clinic. Once there I sat and waited for Tero to see me. I had the second appointment of the day but Tero still managed to see me twenty minutes late. A woman had arrived for a short emergency session and I had agreed to let her go before me.

Tero told me that I had behaved well. I had brushed properly and not let plaque gather. I had four small fractures that we could deal with at our leisure. We decided that “at our leisure” meant August and made two more appointments. This time I made sure I had the first appointment of the day.

After this I got a metro and then walked from Kalasatama to Arcada, listening to nothing at all. As I walk I notice the changing patterns of change. It feels like a wave motion. The changes are moving down from Kalasatama towards Arcada. I notice that the hamburger stand that has survived all of the changes still stands. It used to sit at the edge of a gas station. Then the gas station and all the surrounding buildings disappeared and it stood in the middle of rubble. Now the gas station has reappeared and the shed still sells burgers.

One day soon I will visit it, and I will ask for a vegetable burger, just to see what I get. I have thought that for two or more years. Perhaps I should make the effort soon.

I will spend the morning setting up the clever 21st Century business that I have devised to deal with the poster/demo at Edmedia. It involves QR codes and downloads. I will create the webpage; dummy versions of the downloads; the QR code to access them; and more. I will test all of this. I will spend thirty minutes trying to debug my code before I realise that the reason that I cannot download the files has something to do with the fact that I have not yet uploaded them to the server. Jutta will laugh hysterically while shouting “student error”. I will agree.

At 13:00 the end-of-the-year graduation ceremony will begin. Jutta and I will watch it live-streaming while working and then, at about 14:30, we will go down to meet the newly graduated students and share a glass of sparkling wine with them. We will have a lot of BA and MA students graduating and we will both feel sad that neither Emelia or Josefin turned up for the ceremony. The rector made a special mention of Buddyschool in her speech.

I will continue emailing students who have unnecessary questions, and then, at 16:40, I will leave for a weekend that will not involve work.