Saturday, June 16

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Garden, 15:22


This morning we woke to extreme heat: the sun beat down through a cloudless sky and we had breakfast in the garden in Helsinki for the first time this year. Sunshine rolled around on the grass as we ate.

We spent much of the day gardening. Irma pruned all the hedges and I bagged up the leaves, twigs and branches. I also pulled up a lot of weeds and unwanted plants from the back of the house, which included a lot of hidden stinging nettles that managed to get through the gloves I wore.

The gardening makes us look at all the flowers carefully. Irma says that she cannot photograph flowers properly and I say that I can’t either. I take a few photographs to demonstrate this and then take one of some flowers growing in a pot on the terrace. This may or may not look like something worth looking at, but I decide that it will do for today.

Later we will drive to Lanterna to look for some garden furniture. We will find two chairs at Masku, along with a large bargain table. The young man will fail to find the right allen key to take the table to pieces so we will decide to come back tomorrow with my allen keys.

We will also stop at K-Rauta and get a hanging bird bath to see if the birds in the little house on the shed will start to use it. Finally we will stop at Prisma to buy some ciders so that we can start the evening sitting in the sun in the garden relaxing.

We will manage this very well.