Sunday, June 17

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Woods, 15:00


This morning I started the day with a brisk walk, listening to Gruff Rhys again. We then had breakfast in the garden again.
Irma had talked with Minna and Tommi and found out that their trip to Greece starts today. She also found out that they planned to get the bus and the train to the airport, so she offered them a lift. In forty five minutes she arrived back home, having left Tommi and Minna happily walking into the terminal.

In the afternoon we carried on gardening until Irma’s mother arrived in a taxi to see us. She sat outside in the garden in the shade for an hour or so and then we all went in for tea.

Once the taxi had returned to collect her, Irma and I finished bagging all the garden rubbish and then drove to a secret location where we can dispose of it. We used to do this in the woods behind the house but in recent years this has proved a source of great tension with a recent arrival in the area.

I walk round the woods and chuckle, as it becomes completely obvious that our hedge cuttings would make no difference at all to the piles of dead leaves and branches that the woods generate for themselves. I notice a dandelion that has not yet blown away and take a photograph. Irma will insist that I make it a more extreme close up, and she will prove right. Maybe we can photograph flowers.

I will finish the day as I started it: with a brisk walk while listening to Gruff Rhys.