Wednesday, June 20

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Home, 18:20


We got up early and Irma went to work. I stayed in my room until she had got ready to go. Then I exploded into action.

I spent the entire morning painting the inside of the front door, and the surrounding door frame. This took some time because the door seemed to have constant use. Sunshine came in and then went out as a kind of ongoing experiment to see what he could see.

To his credit he managed to avoid brushing against the paint. Indeed he managed to avoid standing on any of the paint drops that had fallen onto the tarpaulin. For the first hour I worried about this, and then I accepted that he knew what he intended to do, and that did not include getting smeared with paint.

At midday I paused to meet Sophie on Skype. We continued discussing the podcasts we intend doing in the autumn, and we made an amusing breakthrough. It turned out that we had both found the idea of Dropbox Paper interesting but had never found anyone to collaborate with. We therefore decided to use Dropbox Paper for our thinking out loud process.

After an hour or so a student of Sophie’s burst into her office wanting assistance and told me that he admired my work greatly. The conversation stopped shortly after that.

I continued with painting the door and, once I had finished that, I turned my attention to the fireplace which, unsurprisingly, turns from white to grey with monotonous regularity.

When I had finished all this Irma arrived with Naa who she claimed to have found walking to our house: presumably because she left her back at the back of our house last time she appeared.

We sit and chat until Irma makes dinner for all three of us. Soup and pies become today’s menu, and Irma insists that the latter should float in the former. I photograph this arrangement.

Later Irma will drive Naa to Lidl to “stock up”. They will drive to Naa’s apartment and Sampo will appear to collect the shopping. Later he will send a WhatsApp message thanking Irma for the food.

She will not know what to think.