Monday, June 25

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Schiphol airport, 16:50


I slept soundly all night, although I did wake up at one point with a new idea for my Powerpoint and presentation. I jotted it down and went straight back to sleep.

We woke at about 10:00. I spent an hour vacuum cleaning the car, after which I tidied up. Just before midday I opened Module 4 of the summer course.

Once I had done that I remade my Powerpoint presentation and uploaded it. I got an email from Sophie and downloaded some sound files from our recent chats.

At 14:00 Irma dropped me at the airport. I went to the lounge and ate cream of cabbage soup while reformatting the Dropbox Paper document I set up a few days ago.

The flight had no empty seats and I had a Danish couple next to me. The back ten rows had a large gang of Japanese tourists occupying them. One of them got extremely agitated with me as we boarded because I had stood up to let the Danish couple into their seats and he had to wait for at least a minute. He started shouting and gesticulating, so I smiled and nodded. He looked infuriated.

I spent the flight reading happily while the couple beside me slept.

When we arrive I walk out of the airport and I take this photo. Some cliches seem too good to ignore. I look for the hotel shuttle bus that I learned about online in Helsinki airport. I wait at the discreetly hidden stop, and eventually it comes. It will take about twenty minutes to drive me to the door of my hotel and cost 17.50€.

I will like the New West Inn. My room has a lot of space and a kingsize bed. I have a desk and chair, plenty of cupboards, and even a separate round table and an armchair.

After I have settled in I will go for a walk looking for Aldi to discover that it closed at 20:00. I will then eat at a nearby Chinese restaurant called Kwun Wah. It will not prove cheap but the portions will prove huge.

When I get back I will have one beer in the hotel bar, by way of inspecting it, and then I will work out how to switch all the lights on and off from the bed. I will climb into the bed at 10:45 and fall asleep immediately.