Wednesday, July 11

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Mall Lundi, Porvoo, 16:30

The day started slowly, and the weather was cold and damp again. I got very little writing done and began to feel like nothing was ever going to happen. There was a period last week where I was writing quickly and easily, and now I appear to be back to plodding through porridge.

In the afternoon it cleared up a bit and Irma decided that we should go to Porvoo. So far the girls have been to the library, I have been to Mikrokulma to buy some of the screws and tools that would make my life here easier, and we have all failed to find somewhere to eat.

Now Naa and I are hanging around a mall while Irma and Auo are shopping in Lindex. Later they will shop at Sokos, and finally we will all have a sandwich at Picnic.

Everyone will go to bed early, except the cat who will stay out all night.