Friday, July 13

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Garden, Sundö, 10:45


Last night Naa decided that she felt nostalgic in Sundö, and decided that she wanted some tent fun. We found the tent that she and Auo used to sleep in years ago, and remembered how to set it up. We found a place for it at the edge of the garden and pitched it. She then moved a mattress and pillow, a sleeping bag, and some W.I.T.C.H. comics that she had not read for years into the tent, and got ready for bed.

This morning I photograph the tent in situ and ask how how it felt sleeping in there. She had a very good night’s sleep with no mosquitoes, and the tent felt very hot when she woke up this morning. It seemed bigger than she remembered, but then it seems bigger to me from the outside as well.

I will finish The Summons, the John Grisham novel that I bought at lantloppis and it does, at the very end, have a final twist that ties it to the long history of crime novels. One of the characters from the start of the novel does stand revealed as the mastermind behind everything. However, the start of this final twist only comes in Chapter 37 out of 39, and leads into a moral of sorts that looks at the extent to which you should assume responsibility for someone else’s life. I still did not find it “compelling” but I felt happy to have read it.

Irma will go swimming, after which we will show Naa Erika’s new “hotel” and then go to her shop. On the way home we will stop at Benita’s where Naa will have a nostalgic two-sausage hot dog.

More sunbathing and swimming will follow, and this time Naa will join Irma in the water.

Irma will cook roast chicken and we will follow this with several bottles of cider. We will all go to bed at a reasonable time. Naa will return to the tent.