Tuesday, July 17

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Söderby, 13:00


Today seemed hotter than ever when we woke up, and remained that way until we went to bed.

After breakfast I continued my reading until we decided to take our rubbish to the big bins at the end of the island. Only this set of bins allows us to save the world by placing our cartons, glass and metal in separate containers.

On the way back we stop at the village shop and I decide to photograph it while nobody has gathered in front. The exterior changes subtly every year, but always for the better. I try to document every innovation.

We will stop and see Ann-Maj to check whether she has any suitable plants to give Irma’s mother. Sadly she doesn’t.

Finally we will drive to Sandholm to fill up our water cannisters. We will notice Pirjo and her friend whose name I forget sitting outside Benita’s with Jammu. By the time we walk over Jammu will have disappeared, so we will sit talking with the others until they also leave.

I will go to Tirmo to buy two ciders and notice even less stock than I observed last time I came. Either the business has fallen on hard times or a huge new order of provisions will arrive any second now.

I watch fences arriving for Tirmo Blues this weekend, and then watch people putting them up as I wait for the ferry. The line-up this year contains just three people that Irma and Naa recognise, and one that I do: Peer Gunt.

We will have an uncharacteristic early evening nap after which we will drink a little Toovey.