Saturday, July 21

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Tirmo, 16:00


I woke at 8:30 thinking about possible opportunities that I could realise in the autumn. I understood that I will need to contact Scott and Sophie over the weekend and explain how we might work together to create something that none of us could do on our own.

I got up at 10:00 and started the day by picking weeds. I did this until we stopped for brunch.

We left for Pellinge at 13:15 and arrived at Tirmo at 16:00, having stopped in Borgå at the S-Market. We had expected the road to fill up with cars travelling to Tirmo Blues but it remained almost empty all the way to Tirmo. We passed a few cars parked along the road as we approached the ferry, but nothing like we had expected, and nothing like previous years.

We just miss the ferry and I get out to photograph the entrance to Tirmo Blues. Again, I feel surprised by the apparent lack of people here, given that the festival begin two or three hours ago, and the weather seems perfect. A very drunk and very middle aged couple in inadvisable clothing ask us if we can give them a lift to Benita’s. We have Sunshine in the car, and the car has become very hot, so we can honestly tell them that we cannot.

We will go to Benita’s later in the afternoon, just to see what we can see. We will sit and have one beer and then drive home.

We will not go to the festival at all this year but we will hear it, more quietly and melodically than in recent years, while sunbathing in the garden.