Monday, July 23

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Kitchen, Sundö, 19:15


I woke at 8:30 and lay dreaming while Irma slept. I finally got up at 10:00, let the cat out, and sat in the sun to finish Bluebeard, which I did before Irma woke up.

We had brunch indoors at 12:15 because the sun had turned so hot that the cheese on our sandwiches would have melted outside before we got them into our mouths.

We walked down to the jetty and failed to swim: algae alert! The water had turned into a soupy mess and we know from experience that this much algae can make a swimmer ill. Instead I picked more blackcurrants with the result that we had to drive to Erika’s shop for sugar. We gave her five books and six candleholders for her daughters to put into their tiny shop and sell for 1 euro each.

On the way back we stopped at Benita’s and met Ville and Margit for the first time this summer. (I had met them briefly one afternoon at Tirmo, but we had not actually sat down and chatted before.) We talked with them and their two guests for the time it took us to drink one beer and then we left.

We sat in the garden sunbathing and drinking the two little bottles of Koskenkorvu Blackcurrant Tonic we had bought from Erika. We started talking about this and asked ourselves: why does these bottles have no ingredients listed and no nutritional information? We both thought you had to list these, because everything lists these. All the homemade produce at the market has hand-written lists of ingredients. We put this on an ever-growing list of things to investigate.

When we go indoors Irma gives me my salad which she claims I should think of as minimalistic. I photograph it to record exactly how minimalistic. More food will arrive to accompany it.

We will spend the evening listening to music, and later watching music videos on YouTube.