Tuesday, July 24

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Sandholm, 16:23


We lazed around this morning. The weather started cloudy and then suddenly burst into full-on heat.

In the afternoon we went swimming, and I washed my hair. The algae had disappeared again.

On the way down to the jetty we talked with Magnus, who we met staggering up the path to see Kalle, in a state of non-sobriety. His boat bobbed up and down in the water and we wondered how he would get home, since he intended to have “a few drinks” with Kalle.

We then drive to Benita’s because we need drinking water. I watch people playing Crazy Golf: something that has proved a big success since Benita had it built a few years ago. It gets used in any weather. We even saw peple using it the other week in a howling storm.

Later I will pick another box of blackcurrants and start reading another Kurt Vonnegut book I bought in Borgå. I will get about one third of the way through Welcome to the Monkeyhouse, a collection of short stories.

Maria, from Arcada, will pop up with her father and children, having bought vegetables from Camilla’s hut. Her father will tell me that he has signed up for the acrylic weekend on August 4, and will spend the days sitting in our garden painting sunflowers. Thus I will learn that a painting weekend will take place in August.