Saturday, August 11

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Takkahuone, 15:00


I woke about 10:00 and started the day with a 45 minute walk, listening to an old collection of the best of Medicine Head. I like them a lot, but I realised that forty minutes of them might become monotonous. I started the spot the fairly rigid songwriting formula that John Fiddler used to use.

After breakfast we sit in the almost empty bright white space of the takkahuone. After a few minutes we start moving paintings and wall hangings around the house. We end up decorating the room very differently. I put up the new lamp that Irma bought from an old friend of Tarku’s.

The new lamp needs a bulb and so we will head for Vepsäläinen at Lanterna to see if they know what sort of bulb it needs.

They will tell us what I had already found out: it needs an E14 bulb of about 40watt, or the new equivalent in lumens. We walk from Vepsäläinen to K-Rauta and find what we need.

I will spend some time thinking about plans for my conversations with both Scott and Sophie, and decide that we should experiment with recording our conversations using Zoom. I make a note to write instructions for Sophie.

In the late afternoon the terrace calls to us again, and we will sit there for an hour or so chatting and drinking Rainbow cider.

We will have sparkling wine with the chicken and beans that Irma will cook.