Monday, August 13

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Hameentie, 11:54


The first day of the autumn working season and we both got off to a fine start. Both of us had woken in the night for a while, but we had gone to bed early enough that this did not matter over much.

I had packed everything last night so I washed, dress, ate my muesli and oat “milk”, and cycled to Puotila to catch a metro and a number 6 tram to Arcada. Nathalie and Fred greeted me as I walked in.

Jutta arrived with a bloody knee from falling over in the road in Kottby and, once she had washed it down, we set about our allotted task for the morning: going through the advanced assignments students had sent in for the second round of applications. We discovered we had just two forehandsuppgifter and so we had our morning’s work completed in forty minutes. We decided both of the submissions showed great promise, and handed them back to Fred.

Jutta set about reducing her inbox to double figures, and I answered some mail about late assignments and confused theses.

At 10:40 we set off walking to Dylan for a buffet lunch with the chance of an uninterrupted conversation: a doubtless doomed attempt to keep ahead of the game. We walk along by the shore and just as we come up the side road to turn right along Hameentie to Dylan, I spot two painted boxes that I have not seen before. I photograph them at once.

At Dylan we will meet Andrea and Miia from Communications. I will have the creamed parsnip soup, and love it.

In the afternoon Tiina will arrive and cupboards will get rearranged. Riku, the new lecturer in KP, will also say hello several times.

I will arrange a meeting for Wednesday lunchtime, set up a Zoom space for Thursday, and make a doctor’s appointment for next week. My ticklish throat and resulting cough have not disappeared over the summer, and I do not want to go through autumn wheezing.

At 16:30 I will begin my first autumn online discussion with Scott Cunningham. We will cover a lot of ground and I will make an unexpected suggestion, to which he will respond favourably.