Tuesday, August 14

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A3, Arcada, 12:54


I slept badly again last night; partly through coughing and partly through the varying temperature. I got up once to close the window, a second time to open it, and a third time to partially close it.

This morning I left with a cardigan but still in shorts. I walked from Kalasatama, past the nearly completed new mall which does not appear anywhere near as large as I had assumed. I stopped at Lidl on the way.

I spent the morning with a variety of tasks, all necessary but none especially exciting. I emailed my short biography to someone who wanted it, I wrote emails, I set up a Zoom workspace for Thursday, and I tried to help a student whose need for help appears endless.

At 12:25 Tomas suggested we go for a walk just as I had started eating my lunch. I asked if he could wait ten minutes but five minutes later he decided that he couldn’t.

Lunch finished, I walk around Arcada to see what I can see. I notice that the workmen have almost finished making the new classroom by filling in the open space that I used to like and joining it to the adjacent small room. Ho hum, I think, and look to the end of the corridor where two of the now-homeless fatboys, that used to lie in the open space, lie against the window. They shine brightly in the peculiar light.

In the afternoon I will set about the complex process of grading the summer course, all but one of the students having now submitted their final assignment. I will download all the files, itself a lengthy process and sort them all into different folders.

I will feel happy that the system I established two years ago for this still seems to work. To my surprise I will find that I appear to know what I should do, and appear to have the tools at hand to do it.

I will take some time out to sort through various Peircian documents I have filed, and find two or three to find before my next conversation with Scott.

I will email Mats Bergman.