Thursday, August 16

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Kukkaniityntie, 20:40


I cycled to Puotila, having decided that I didn’t need a cardigan or jacket. I read some papers discussing possible modern uses of Peirce’s ideas on the metro and tram.

At Arcada, I replied to some emails and then spent the morning grading the second modul of the Transmedia course. Some way into this process I realised that I could do this much more effectively with a proper image viewer, rather than opening all the jpgs of tetrads individually. I downloaded Faststone Image Viewer and my productivity tripled instantly.

At midday I had an online meeting with Sophie Hope. We tested, which worked better than we had hoped. The resulting video convinced us that podcasting might prove easier than we thought. It also taught us some practical lessons which we noted down in our Dropbox Paper notes.

I spent the rest of the afternoon continuing to grade the summer course. I learned a lot about formulae in Excel during this process, because I made much more use of it in previous years, in order to maintain a comprehensive overview of the grading process.

I got home ten minutes before Irma. In the evening I did some ironing and had a long chat about the flooding in Kerala. It has not yet reached the south of the state to the same extent as the northern and central areas, but it appears that it might soon.

I go for a forty five minute walk, listening to The Handy Wah Whole, Pete Wylie’s greatest hits album. Just as I listen to Long Tall Scally I come across this graffiti, which seemed completely and surprisingly appropriate.

I will return to find the cat back from his all-day travels.