Saturday, August 18

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Sandholm, 11:00


We woke about 10:00 after a night of deep sleep, got washed and dressed, and headed for the market.

We arrive too late to get any fiskbiffar. Everyone has sold out. We note that Magnus has not turned up again: his stall stands empty and closed. We buy fish from Viking.

The market seems quite empty, probably because everyone has already gone to Benita’s. Sure enough, when we look in there the egg and anchovy bread has all gone and the queue for drinks stretches out of the door and almost to the road.

We will drive to Gunnel’s roadside shop and leave her the money we owe her for our purchases a couple of weeks ago, and then we will drive home.

The day will pass lazily as we sit in recliners sunbathing for probably the last time this summer.

Naa will phone Irma, which will remind her that Naa left half a bottle of Coke in the fridge when she got the bus to Helsinki. Irma will pour it into a McDonald’s Coke glass and give it to me. Drinking it will remind me of why I never voluntarily drink Coca Cola.

In the evening I will fix a broken chest of drawers in Naa’s hut, and Irma will mow the grass.