Sunday, August 19

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Ferry to Tirmo, 10:50


Yesterday evening we looked at the weather forecast and noticed the promised rainstorms. We decided to leave as early as possible today, and that meant that we decided to pack the car last night.

This morning we woke up about 9:40, decided to have breakfast in Helsinki, washed, put the cat in his box, put some ice-creams in the cold box, and left for the ferry.

We just make the 10:45 ferry and as we come to a halt Irma points out an old sailing boat passing us. I manage to get a photograph of it before it completely disappears from view. The clouds have darkened again and we suspect we will see more rain in a few minutes.

We will.

In Helsinki, we will unpack and eat brunch while Sunshine trots in and out of the house, checking the garden and the food situation in turn.

We will spend time checking our outfits for next weekend’s wedding in London. This will prompt me to check our travel arrangements in England. I will find the easiest route from Heathrow to Peckham. I will find a way to do it that does not use buses: just the underground to London Bridge and an overground train to Queens Park, Peckham, and a seven minute walk to the hotel.

I will also decide that we will go to Weston-super-Mare by train and rent a car there if we want to. This will guarantee that we get there (and get back on the following Saturday when we fly back to Helsinki). It will also prove much cheaper and easier than trying to rent a car in London.

Once we have done all this we will go to Prisma to buy the groceries that we didn’t buy on Saturday.

We will spend the evening moving decorations around the house, continuing our curatorial spree, and removing a few more unnecessary things from our lives.